Training Blocks

we use the concept of short-term training bursts (4 weeks), we refer to them as blocks, to maximize time & energy to help athletes prepare for their respective sport.  We offer the same blocks for adults looking to establish a strength & conditioning program & integrate it into their daily routine.

block training consists of 4 Athletes for 4 Weeks 

4 Athletes - 
Training as a team will motivate you to push yourself to achieve new heights as an athlete. Your teammates will be instrumental in the success of your strength & conditioning goals by offering the accountability & encouragement you will need to stay the course.

4 Weeks - 
You will train 3 times a week for 4 weeks in one of our 4 training blocks.

4 Blocks - 

Olympic Style Lifting

The Olympic style lifting block consists of the 2 competition lifts – the snatch & the clean & jerk.  This block also includes the component lifts – squats, deadlifts & cleans in order to help athletes develop explosive & functional strength. 

Functional Training

The functional training block simulates common movements & emphasizes core stability.  This block will include the use of weighted prowler sleds, battle ropes, medicine balls, slam balls & pull up rigs which will help prevent injury & increase joint mobility & stability.

Speed & Agility

The speed & agility block is designed to help athletes increase balance, coordination, speed, strength & endurance.  We accomplish this by various drills designed to work leg & core muscles through the use of cones, hurdles, wobble boards & agility ladders.

Core & Balance

The core & balance block will develop & maintain core stability with the use of exercise balls, planks, crunches, unilateral movements & other exercises to enhance & increase your balance & core strength.


$400 for a 4 week block x 3 training sessions per week = 12 total sessions

$300 for a 4 week block x 2 training sessions per week = 8 total sessions

$175 for a 4 week block x 1 training sessions per week = 4 total sessions

  • No annual membership.  Sign up for monthly blocks rather then committing for a full year.
  • Cost effective.  If you go to a personal trainer, you’ll probably be charged at least $60 per hour, whereas our price include personal coach.
  • Get the most impact for your money. Make the investment in this high intensity small group training. Within 2 weeks you’ll feel a change and in 4 weeks you’ll feel stronger and see tremendous benefits.

Weekend Warrior for Adults

Time is hard to come by and it slips away fast.Between work and taking care of our families, it's hard to take the time we need to care for our health and make strides in fitness goals.  Let the coaches at Victus Athletic help you with one of our Weekend Warrior Blocks. We'll use a blend of our block training  help you be your best.  Whether you are looking to just get started or to break through some current plateaus, Victus Athletic has what you need to get there.

$175 for a 4 week block x 1 training sessions per week (Sarturday AMs) = 4 total sessions