Training Blocks

we use the concept of short-term training bursts (4 weeks), we refer to them as blocks, to maximize time & energy to help athletes prepare for their respective sport.  We offer the same blocks for adults looking to establish a strength & conditioning program & integrate it into their daily routine.

Block Training

Block Training will motivate you to push yourself to achieve new heights as an athlete. Your Coach will be instrumental in the success of your strength & conditioning goals by offering the accountability & encouragement you will need to stay the course.


*Personal Training Blocks (Block pricing is per person):


-Block 1: $240 for a 4 week block x 1 training sessions per week = 4 total sessions

-Block 2: $480 for a 4 week block x 2 training sessions per week = 8 total sessions

-Block 3: $650* for a 4 week block x 3 training sessions per week = 12 total sessions


*Group Block rates are available upon request. Please contact us for more information.

  • No annual membership. Sign up for monthly blocks rather then committing for a full year.

  • Cost effective. If you go to a personal trainer, you’ll probably be charged around $85 to $100 per hour.

  • Get the most impact for your money. Make the investment in this high intensity small group training. Within 2 weeks you’ll feel a change and in 4 weeks you’ll feel stronger and see tremendous benefits.